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Digital development is a key factor for innovation. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) the costs and the time can be reduced while the knowledge is increased simultaneously. The optimized product is a success for manufacturers, customers and our environment!
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Conducting finite element analysis, or FEA, ensures a product can handle various types of loads. FEA is used to optimize the design of a part to improve the design, avoid possible failures and validate the existing geo-metry for its application. Required inputs are geometry, structural setup and material properties, which are combined to a finite element model, representing the system Matrix. 

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FEA is commonly used in the design stage of a product before the parts are fabricated, but can benefit existing products for design validation purposes. The usage of FEA can due to level of detail separated into the following phases:

Concept and Feasibility
Design and Optimization
Final Validation for SOP
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Medical Devices
Consumer and Sports
Material & Method Development
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Virtual Human provides more than 15 years of experience in the field of finite element analysis. In over 150 projects challenges from medical, mechanical and civil engineering industry have been fulfilled enabling the customer to reduce his cost or improve the product.

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